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‘Lolita Princess’ Only Dresses In Pink | HOOKED ON THE LOOK


30-YEAR-OLD Lara from Indianapolis describes herself as having an “aggressively feminine princess aesthetic”. This Lolita princess loves all things pink and frilly and embodies this style throughout her home and whole wardrobe. Everything she wears is pink. Lara first started experimenting with styles at the age of 12, when she became interested in the gothic style, the complete opposite to what she wears now. When she reached her 20s, she felt like she didn’t fit in but after discovering the Harajuku and Lolita styles from a Japanese street fashion book, she tried out these looks and started to feel good about herself. Lara’s husband gave her the most encouragement to embrace this style and she hasn’t looked back since. Lara told Truly: “I see it as my own form of art and my own form of creativity.”

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Videographer: Patrick T’Kindt
Producers: Alicia Bailey, Natalia Giorgi
Editor: Emma Mitchell

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